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I'm a walking, talking cliché - Clucky after 30

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November 10th, 2008

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01:40 pm - I'm a walking, talking cliché
Many years ago in a galaxy far, far away, we opted for a childfree marriage. There's nothing quite like hitting your mid-30s to simply undermine all your previous assertions that you would never change your mind. Anyway, I knew my husband hadn't changed his mind, so basically I felt I needed to find other ways to deal with these weird, unexpected feelings rationally. Yeah, right.

Cutting to the chase, recently we had a big alcohol-fueled heart-to-heart where the depth of my unhappiness became apparent to us both, and we decided to (soberly) do some real assessment of the possibility of doing this over the next week or two. In the interim I turned 38, so he actually suggested I go off the pill to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later. I bought him condoms, but he's one of those silly boys who'd rather go without sex than use one. Hey presto, so now we're ttc (just in case you're wondering, I had already been taking Vitamin B supplements with 400mg folic acid before any of this came up.) He's still freaking, but also incredibly understanding and proactive (he's already looking into kindergartens!)

My gyno was pretty laid-back (pretty much "I have an inner-city practice - most of my wannabe mums are mid- to late- thirties.") but there is also that boom-boom-BOOM of the biological clock letting me know I'm running out of time. That, and major lifestyle changes ahoy!
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