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Clucky after 30

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April 20th, 2007

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March 1st, 2007

07:27 pm
This is really weird and its not often that i actually let my thoughts out in the open. I think that it helps that i dont know any of you.

Things this last 6 weeks have been different. The first day that i got my period back i was totally over the moon, i thought that all my prays had been answered, then came my doubt of it being the right time in my life for this to happen, hell im 31, its not as if the grass has not already starting growing.

Since then i have been getting really light headed, nausea, the smell of some food completely turning my stomach, the tiredness is unbeleavable, sleeping for 10-12 hours a day, crying at the smallest of things, cuddling my husband and falling asleep whilst standing, i know it has something to do with my periods returning. My doctor has now taken 9 tubes of blood out of me and all the results come back as normal, as far as he is concerned there is nothing wrong with me.

Tonight whilst standing up i got the most awful stabbing pain on my left hand side. It didnt last long, probably only about 5-10 seconds but was enough to drop me to knees. Has anyone experienced anything like this before??

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February 27th, 2007

10:24 pm
Thanks for creating this community! Some of the posts on cluckyI just can't relate to because my life is in a totally different place. I'm 34 (35 in May) and incredibly clucky. I've been married just over a year (literally, our anniversary was this past Saturday) to a wonderful man nine years my junior who is just as clucky as I am. We are so clucky we've got a stuffed Hoppapotamus Wuzzle that we call "Baby" that we make talk and tuck in at night etc. She keeps pestering us for a baby sister, LOL. Thankfully since it takes on average 6-9 months to conceive at my age, we're starting trying after my next period (I'm already off the pill and taking folic acid now).

I'm training to be a Preschool or Nursery Assistant now, and the kids make me mega-clucky as well. Then I go to my other job at TK Maxx and squee over the teeny tiny trainers (I work in the shoe department).

And thanks to the show on raising kids I just watched (Never Did Me Any Harm - a Mum makes her kids live as she did as a kid in the 70s) I have the Bay City Rollers singing Bye Bye Baby in my head!
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