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Hello...I am a 32 year old artist, who up until very recently was not sure about being a parent.
When I was younger, and pretty much all through my teens, I swore up and down that I didn't want kids, that I just didn't have the patience. I also felt that maybe I was too selfish, wanting enough time and space to myself to do my art.
When I was 20 I started not feeling well after a bout of Mono at age 18.Fatigue, pain...it wasn't until I was 25 that I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was also diagnosed a few years before with PCOS. At 26, I met my wonderful husband, and on and off we would say that any possibility of kids was "in the future." (He is 5 years older than I, and was married once but has no children.) He was badly abused as a child, and suffers from PTSD(his mother tried to kill him.) He is an incredibly loving person, he treats our kities like royalty or gods even! Only the best. He loves to nurture. But, we kind of had an unspoken agreement that between my health, his stress, and our finances altogether, that we were just never going to be "ready" for parenthood. I stayed on Yasmin as a form of not only birth control but to try to help manage the cysts from the PCOS.
Then, about a year ago, something seemed to change in both of us. We had bought a sweet little home, and one day he must have felt particularly sweet and romantic because he said he wanted me to have his child. I started to think about it, and even went to my OBGYN to discuss possibilities and options, due to the PCOS. She said if we wanted to start trying, let her know, as she wanted me to have medical assistance, etc, since no one knew if we could conceive or not. Time went by, and things were going wrong for our families, sick parents, financial problems, etc. The last thing on our minds was a baby.
At Thanksgiving last year, my sister announced she was pregnant. She had just turned 21, she had married a year ago at 20, and had gotten pregnant for their one-year anniversary. She is 11 years younger than I. Some part of me felt sad, but then I just tried to settle in my mind that I would just be happy being an aunt. After all, you can take the kid for the weekend, spoil them, and then send them home to mom and dad, right?
Mid-March this year my period was late. I had recently been switched to Ocella, and had noticed that it didn't seem to be as effective or something as Yasmin, but didn't think much of it. There had been a lot of stress, both of our dad's had landed in the hospital with near-fatal events, and other stuff was going on. We hadn't been intimate but once in an entire month. I was having pms type effects though...had to pee a lot, bloaty, my breasts were very tender. I had acid reflux, but I also have Barretts so I figured it was that and didn't think anything of it. Then on the 1st day of Spring I got to work(I work at early am) and within 1/2 hour I felt grossly nauseated. It lasted several hours, on and off. I thought "It couldn't be!" But I couldn't get the thought out of my head. After work I stopped and bought a HPT. Within 5 minutes I was staring at a pink + sign. I thought i might faint.
I admit, we panicked.
After a week we settled into the idea, and I became very happy being pregnant. That lasted about 2-2 1/2 weeks. Then I started spotting. I'll spare you the details, but I miscarried in April around my 32nd birthday.
We didn't tknow we wanted a baby until all of this. I have taken it pretty hard, especially with my sister growing bigger everday, due at the end of this month. Every week they check my levels, I am under 200 now. We want to start ttc as soon as my obgyn feels it is a good idea. She is considering putting me on Metformin to help, so that this does not happen again.
But, here we are, 32 and 37, wanting a baby. I only want one! A baby girl! ButI want one nevertheless.
So, I am pleased to meet you, and that is my story thusfar.
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Sad to report...

AF arrived yesterday. I was too bummed to post. @#$&* hormones.

I think we tried too hard last month. Any advice is welcome for November!

Wishing you all have better luck than we did!

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Basal Body Temp

Good morning :)

So I was reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility last night (GREAT book, FWIW) and I decided to start temping this morning just so I could get into the habit even though I'm already at CD 23. Lo and behold, my temp this morning was 96.2!!! I'm no doctor, but even I know that's pretty freaking low compared to the "normal" range of 97.2+ I've seen on other charts and in the book. The chart doesn't even have a place to mark anything below 97.0!

So I did some more research, and it looks like I could have a symptom of hypothyroidism - I'm going to temp for a few more days to make absolutely sure (they recommend an average over 3 days to make sure it's not a random drop) and then go see my doctor. I've always had low temps - even during the day it can be as low as 96.8 - so I'm concerned. I have many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism (dry skin, headaches, irritability, low tolerance to cold) and the reading I've done suggests that the symptoms are more important than any testing that's done because there's a 30% error rate with the blood testing.

Have any of you lovely ladies had an issue with low waking temps? What steps did you take to rectify that?

Many thanks :) x-posted
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Hello all! I am new to the community as of last week.  I've been a quiet observer.  The community was recommended to me by someone on Clucky.  I thought it was time to introduce myself.  (Plus I'm trying to distract myself - but more about that later. )  I'm 32 years old as of January.  I've been very happily married for almost 16 months.  We started trying to conceive a year ago this month.  I know we didn't wait long after getting married, but we had been together for two years before tying the knot and we wanted  a bigger family, and I have had several friends have trouble getting pregnant.  So we jumped right in with both feet.  Let's see what else can I tell you.  I'm an elementary teacher.  I love to cook and read and garden - basically I love all that home stuff.  I also love to watch scary movies and go to garage sales.  Now for the baby stuff.  I'm really glad we started trying right away - due to the issues we're having.  I feel blessed to have a doctor who took my concerns seriously and didn't make me wait a full year to see a specialist.  I'm also blessed by two very supportive friends who have been in the same place I see to be and can explain things and give advice based on their experience - it doesn't hurt that one of them is a nurse.  As I said I got to see a specialist last month - Dr. B who is totally great.  We had tons of tests done and found that I have a hydrosalpingex in my left tube.  So here I am writing in here to distract myself from thinking about tomorrow's doctor appointment.  Tomorrow will be the first appointment after all the tests and the diagnosis.  I guess we'll be deciding a plan of action and hearing what our choices are. I'm petrified.  I'm  afraid we're going to go and Dr. B is going to tell us there is no possible way we'll ever get pregnant and there's nothing he can do.  Logically I know that's completely stupid because there are so many options.  (My hubby is totally great so even though insurance won't pay for treatments of any sort unless it's surgical and is medically necessary - he has told me we'll manage it somehow)  I also know from research that Dr. B is probably going to recommend removing the tube - the hydrosalpingex can cause problems to the baby when I do get pregnant.  (When not if - that's what I keep telling myself)  Anyways that's me.  Sorry to be such a downer on my first post, but thanks for letting me distract myself and get some stuff off my mind.
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(no subject)

This is really weird and its not often that i actually let my thoughts out in the open. I think that it helps that i dont know any of you.

Things this last 6 weeks have been different. The first day that i got my period back i was totally over the moon, i thought that all my prays had been answered, then came my doubt of it being the right time in my life for this to happen, hell im 31, its not as if the grass has not already starting growing.

Since then i have been getting really light headed, nausea, the smell of some food completely turning my stomach, the tiredness is unbeleavable, sleeping for 10-12 hours a day, crying at the smallest of things, cuddling my husband and falling asleep whilst standing, i know it has something to do with my periods returning. My doctor has now taken 9 tubes of blood out of me and all the results come back as normal, as far as he is concerned there is nothing wrong with me.

Tonight whilst standing up i got the most awful stabbing pain on my left hand side. It didnt last long, probably only about 5-10 seconds but was enough to drop me to knees. Has anyone experienced anything like this before??